While the cars are the stars of the New England International Auto Show, there’s a full range of activities to make it a fun outing for the whole family. The New England International Auto Show is a place where auto enthusiasts, potential buyers, and people who are looking for a fun day out can come together.  Whether you’ve come to shop for a vehicle, to share your passion for cars with others, or just to have some fun with your family and friends, the New England International Auto Show is more than a showroom of new model year vehicles — it’s an event!

Ride & Drives

Get behind the wheel, test the seats, fiddle with the entertainment center – stay tuned for this year’s participating car lines.

Puppies, Pets and More!

As part of the “Subaru Loves Pets” initiative, Subaru of America will host pet adoptions for visitors to the New England International Auto Show. With a focus on dog adoptions, the Subaru Loves Pets initiative will provide an opportunity for animals to find a permanent home. Subaru Loves Pets is dedicated to improving the safety and well-being of animals in communities nationwide and to getting animals out of shelters and into loving homes.


*Events & Attractions are subject to change without notice.